Kansas Republican Party opposes the NGSS


The Kansas Republican Party recently adopted a resolution that calls on state leaders to "prohibit adoption of any standards that require the state to cede any measure of control over their drafting and revision, including but not limited to the Next Generation Science Standards," the Lawrence Journal-World (September 16, 2013) reports. The Kansas state board of education voted to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards in June 2013, despite protests over their treatment of evolution and climate change as central scientific topics.

The 2012 platform of the Kansas Republican Party includes, under the heading "Building the Knowledge of Students," the sentence, "Kansas students should be allowed and encouraged to fully discuss and critique all science-based theories for the origin of life in science curricula," and, under the heading, "Preserving the Heartland," the sentence, "Carbon dioxide, one of the most common gases on earth, should not be declared a pollutant nor used as an excuse to deny the construction of new power plants in Kansas."