NCSE launches "Science League of America" blog


NCSE is pleased to announce the launch of its new blog, Science League of America. Its title, as Josh Rosenau discloses in his welcome post, is taken from the Science League of America, a proto-NCSE run by the polymath Maynard Shipley in the 1920s. "We can think of no better way to honor Shipley's pioneering work than to resurrect his group's name," Rosenau explains. "This blog's writers — NCSE staff and our friends and allies from the field — carry forward the dream of honest and thorough science education which motivated the founders of the Science League in the '20s and NCSE's founders in the '80s. We look forward to conversations with our readers and commenters about science, education, and attacks on science education around the world." Please support Science League of America by reading, commenting, and spreading the word!

Besides Rosenau's welcome post, the Science League of America debuts with four brand-new posts from NCSE staffers: Mark McCaffrey commenting on the changing public relations approaches of Exxon Mobil over the last fifty years, Eugenie C. Scott wondering about a media description of the Institute for Creation Research's John D. Morris as an "evolutionary creationist" ("trust me on this one," she writes, "none of the people at the ICR consider themselves evolutionists in any form"); Steven Newton pondering the disquieting implications of a recent article in Nature Geoscience (and managing to invoke Jimi Hendix along the way); and Mark McCaffrey again, suggesting that, in a recent discussion of climate pedagogy published in Nature Climate Change, climate change denial is the elephant in the room.