Exciting news from Evolution: Education and Outreach

Evolution: Education and Outreach

Evolution: Education and Outreach — the journal promoting the accurate understanding and comprehensive teaching of evolutionary theory for a wide audience — is now open access! As its editors Gregory Eldredge and Niles Eldredge explain, "From now on, we will be fully Open Access on our website ... . In addition, the first five previously published volumes — a total of 20 issues, most of them dedicated to particular topics (e.g. 'Co-evolution,' 'Biogeography,' 'Evolution and Medicine,' 'Museums and Evolution,' 'Human Evolution'), organized and written by experts in their fields — will be freely available, too, for the very first time on SpringerLink."

NCSE plans to continue its regular contribution to the journal in its new open access format, starting with "Geeking out with Darwin," Glenn Branch's review of Eugene Byrne and Simon Gurr's Darwin: A Graphic Biography. The book, writes Branch, presents "a compelling and engaging introduction to Darwin's life and work, at a high level of historical and scientific accuracy, in the space of a scant hundred pages which, moreover, teem with attractive and amusing illustrations. ... If thousands of copies of the book were to make their way to the classrooms and libraries of public schools in the United States, it would be good news for teachers and students alike."