Kopplin profiled in the Houston Press

Zack KopplinZack Kopplin

Zack Kopplin, the young activist behind the initiative to repeal Louisiana's antievolution law and the effort to expose the funding of creationism through vouchers-for-private-schools schemes nationally, was profiled in the Houston Press (February 20, 2013). "Kopplin, now 19 and a student at Rice University, has taken his fight to Houston, to Texas," the article explains. "And if our state's legislators don't yet know his name — if they haven't seen him all over cable news or haven't read his writings on famed evolutionist Richard Dawkins's Web site — they soon will."

In Texas, Kopplin will be lobbying the legislature not to implement a vouchers-for-private-schools scheme like Georgia's or Louisiana's, which have been accused of using public funds indirectly to subsidize the teaching of creationism: "Per Kopplin's research, Louisiana's encounters with creationism have been even starker and more egregious: self-proclaimed prophets declaiming their holiness; schools learning of the friendships between Adam, Eve and iguanodons; students shoveled in front of television sets showing little more than Bible-based videos for hours."

Among those quoted in the article are Dan Quinn of the Texas Freedom Network; NCSE board member Barbara Forrest; Harry McDonald, the president of Kansas Citizens for Science; Kevin Carman, formerly the dean of the College of Science at Louisiana State University, who blamed Louisiana's antievolution law for making the state unattractive to scientists; Nobel laureate Harry Kroto, who described Kopplin's efforts as "heartening"; and Neal Lane, the former director of the White House Office of Science and Technology, who similarly praised Kopplin for his activism.