A preview of Evolution: Making Sense of Life

Evolution: Making Sense of Life

NCSE is pleased to offer a free preview (PDF) of Carl Zimmer and Douglas J. Emlen's Evolution: Making Sense of Life (Roberts & Company, 2013). The preview consists of chapter 8, "Natural Selection: Empirical Studies in the Wild," in which Zimmer and Emlen "consider a wide range of studies on natural selection in wild populations," explaining, "These studies are not just important for documenting that natural selection exists. They also reveal some of the marvelous complexity of natural selection's effect on species."

Praising Evolution: Making Sense of Life, Neil Shubin writes, "Exciting is a word not often used to describe a new textbook. But by using powerful examples, beautiful images, and finely wrought prose, Zimmer and Emlen have produced a book that not only conveys the explanatory power of evolution, but is also permeated with the joy of doing science. Their text can only be described as an exciting moment for our field: it is an important accomplishment for our students and for evolutionary biology at large."