Dr Pepper and Mr. Nye

Dr Pepper ad

Writing at the Huffington Post (October 5, 2012), NCSE's Steven Newton mused on the latest incidents to provoke tirades from creationists. Discussing the reactions to a Dr Pepper advertisement featuring a march-of-progress theme and to NCSE Supporter Bill Nye's video warning about the effects of teaching creationism, Newton commented, "Evolution should not — in the year 2012, after a century and a half of scientific verification from multiple independent lines of evidence — be the subject of controversy." He concluded by looking forward to "the day when American schoolchildren are taught evolution in the same way as any other well-established scientific idea, without caveats or apologies. With evolution at the center of biology, and thus important to the success of medicine, biotechnology, and agriculture, we can't afford to keep it bottled up or to kick the can."