Help wanted: climate


NCSE is seeking to hire a second staff member to work on its new climate change initiative, which seeks to defend and support the teaching of climate change. Duties will include:

  • counseling teachers, administrators, parents, and other concerned citizens facing challenges to climate change education;
  • providing information on climate change, climate literacy, and related issues to the general public, the press, and allied educational, scientific, and environmental organizations;
  • developing materials pertaining to climate change education for print and web;
  • identifying and reviewing existing climate change education materials and programs;
  • speaking to the press and general public;
  • representing NCSE to the climate science, climate literacy, and environmental education communities; and
  • coordinating with policymakers, advocacy groups, educators, and scientists regarding policies which could harm or benefit accurate climate science education.

For further information about qualifications, salary and benefits, and the application process, visit NCSE's job page.