The latest issue of Evolution: Education and Outreach


The latest issue of Evolution: Education and Outreach — the new journal promoting the accurate understanding and comprehensive teaching of evolutionary theory for a wide audience — is now published. The theme for the issue (volume 5, number 1) is Evolution in the Museum, edited by Monique Scott. Articles include "Up from the Ape: The Spitzer Hall of Human Origins at the American Museum of Natural History"; "Evolutionary Theory and the Florence Paleontological Collections"; "Communicating Phylogeny: Evolutionary Tree Diagrams in Museums"; "Fossil Horses, Orthogenesis, and Communicating Evolution in Museums"; "Changing Museum Visitors' Conceptions of Evolution"; "Why Are Some Evolutionary Trees in Natural History Museums Prone to Being Misinterpreted?"; and "Talking About Evolution in Natural History Museums." Plus there are various articles on the teaching of evolution, book reviews, and commentaries.

Also included is the latest installment of NCSE's regular column, Overcoming Obstacles to Evolution Education. In "Taking Students to the Museum," NCSE's Glenn Branch and Eric Meikle interview three museum professionals with extensive expertise in informal science education about evolution — Warren D. Allmon, Judy Diamond, and Martin Weiss — about the interaction of teachers and natural history museums and science centers in improving the effectiveness of evolution education. "How can natural history museums and science centers help teachers to educate their students about evolution? How can teachers prepare themselves, and prepare their students, to take full advantage of the opportunities to learn about evolution afforded by natural history museums and science centers? And what can teachers do to help their colleagues in informal science education in their shared responsibility to overcome the obstacles to evolution education?"