Naomi OreskesNCSE is pleased to congratulate Naomi Oreskes, Professor of the History of Science at Harvard University and a member of NCSE's board of directors, on receiving the British Academy Medal, for her books (coauthored with Erik M. Conway) Merchants of Doubt (2010) and The Collapse of Western Civilization (2014), and for "her commitment to documenting the role of corporations in distorting scientific findings for political ends."

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Melissa Lau, an NCSE Teacher Ambassador from Oklahoma, was featured — wearing her NCSE Teacher Ambassador t-shirt — in a story on climate change education on NPR's StateImpact Oklahoma (July 11, 2019). 

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When a bill that would require Massachusetts's state science standards to "include only peer-reviewed and age-appropriate subject matter" was discussed in the Joint Committee on Education on July 9, 2019, the sponsor explained that it would keep climate change denial out of the science classroom, according to the Lowell Sun (July 10, 2019).

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Photo: Nick Oxford for The Hechinger Report

Melissa Lau, an NCSE Teacher Ambassador from Oklahoma, was highlighted in a story headlined "Teaching global warming in a charged political climate," which appeared in the Hechinger Report (July 6, 2019) and in the Washington Post (July 6, 2019).

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Norman GeislerThe theologian Norman Geisler died on July 1, 2019, at the age of 86, according to Christianity Today (July 1, 2019), which wrote, "Described as 'a cross between Thomas Aquinas and Billy Graham,' Geisler was a prolific author, apologist, and professor, as well as the co-founder and former president of Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES) in North Carolina and co-founder of Veritas International University in California." He wrote or edited over a hundred books during his long career.

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Reports of the NCSE 39:3 cover

NCSE is pleased to announce that the latest issue of Reports of the National Center for Science Education — volume 39, number 3 — is now available online. 

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NCSE logoNCSE is seeking to hire a Director of Teacher Support.

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The Utah state board of education voted 11-4 to adopt a proposed new set of high-school-level state science standards on June 6, 2019, despite resistance from a few members of the board centering on evolution and climate change.

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The attempt to require the teaching of climate change in Connecticut's public schools by law ended — for now — when the Connecticut General Assembly adjourned sine die on June 5, 2019, with House Bill 7083 unpassed by the Senate.

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