American Society of Naturalists adds its voice for evolution


The chorus of support for the teaching of evolution continues, with a statement from the American Society of Naturalists, the oldest scientific society dedicated to the study of ecology, evolution, and behavior.

"Evolution is supported by overwhelming scientific evidence from many disciplines," the statement affirms, adding, "evolution is a rigorously tested and ever-expanding body of scientific knowledge that underlies and integrates our understanding of all areas of the biological world — from our cells and DNA to our lakes and forests. As such, evolution must be an integral part of any science curriculum." In contrast, "hypotheses concerning the existence, actions, or methods of God or any other intelligent designer ... should not be part of the science curriculum in public schools simply because they cannot be empirically tested and thus they fall outside the purview of science."

The ASN's statement is now reproduced, by permission, on NCSE's website, and will also be contained in the fourth edition of NCSE's Voices for Evolution.