Congratulations to James Krupa

James KrupaJames Krupa

NCSE is delighted to congratulate James Krupa on being named the 2011 winner of the Four-Year College & University Section Biology Teaching Award from the National Association of Biology Teachers. The award honors a four-year college faculty member who demonstrates creativity and innovation in his/her teaching. According to a press release from the University of Kentucky, "Krupa's lesson on the ivory-billed woodpecker was considered by the awards committee to be particularly useful in covering evolution with non-biology majors. ... In teaching Darwinian foundations of evolution and the scientific method to his students, there are few stories that Krupa is more passionate about than the ivory-billed woodpecker." Vincent Cassone, the chair of the University of Kentucky's Department of Biology, was quoted as saying, "This award from fellow biology educators is a testament to the quality of instruction Dr. Krupa is inclined to give ... He challenges students' sensibilities and predispositions often, particularly when it involves evidence for evolution, biodiversity and public policy, and sometimes students don't like it. However, this is what a university education is all about — to challenge people's preconceived notions; and this is what we cherish in the Department of Biology." Krupa is Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Kentucky.