"Molecular Insights" videos on-line

Sean CarrollSean Carroll

Videos from "Molecular Insights into Classic Examples of Evolution" — the Evolution Symposium at the National Association of Biology Teachers conference for 2010 — are now available on-line! Featured are four exciting speakers whose research in molecular evolution is revolutionizing our understanding of familiar and compelling examples of evolution.

Edmund "Butch" D. Brodie III of the University of Virginia speaks on "Time to change the channel: Predator-prey arms races and the evolution of toxin resistance in snakes"; Allen G. Rodrigo of the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center and Duke University speaks on "Rapidly evolving viruses: Studying molecular evolution in real time"; Hopi E. Hoekstra of Harvard University speaks on "From mice to molecules: the genetics of color adaptation"; and NCSE Supporter Sean Carroll of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and Howard Hughes Medical Institutes speaks on "How bugs get their spots: Genetic switches and the evolution of form." In addition, research and teaching resources are provided for each topic.

The Evolution Symposium, presented annually since 2004 at the annual NABT conference, is cosponsored by the American Institute of Biological Sciences and the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center. Videos of previous symposia, and collections of relevant educational resources, are available in CD form from NESCent and on-line from NESCent's website.