Announcing a transformation of RNCSE


Reports of the National Center for Science Education will undergo a transformation in 2011. Starting with vol. 31, no. 1, articles, features, and reviews will appear on-line — and only on-line — at NCSE's website, These materials will be available on-line to the public free of charge, helping to expand access to the contents of RNCSE to those defending the teaching of evolution across the country and around the world.

The printed version of RNCSE will shrink — to about sixteen pages — and contain abstracts of those materials as well as special members-only items, such as the regular "News from the Membership" column and stories from the front lines by NCSE staff. The printed version will be sent only to members of NCSE, who will also be entitled to free delivery of any articles from the on-line version of RNCSE they wish to have in print.

As Andrew J. Petto, the editor of RNCSE, explained, "this change will allow NCSE to make a more efficient use of your financial contributions. Printing and mailing costs continue to increase, and the publication of RNCSE takes up an increasing proportion of our budget. This change ... will allow us to devote more of our resources to our primary mission of promoting good science education and evolution education everywhere."