NCSE's Rosenau in the Washington Post

Joshua RosenauJoshua Rosenau

NCSE's Joshua Rosenau reviewed Elaine Howard Ecklund's Science vs. Religion: What Scientists Really Think (Oxford University Press, 2010) for the Washington Post (May 30, 2010). "Americans are almost evenly divided between those who feel science conflicts with religion and those who don't. Both sides have scientific backers," Rosenau explains. "Ecklund offers a fresh perspective on this debate ... Rather than offering another polemic, she builds on a detailed survey of almost 1,700 scientists at elite American research universities — the most comprehensive such study to date." He concludes, "For Ecklund, the bottom line is recognizing and tolerating religious diversity, honestly discussing science's scope and limits, and openly exploring the disputed borders between scientific skepticism and religious faith."