Miller on Comfort on CNN

Kenneth R. MillerKenneth R. Miller

Kenneth R. Miller appeared on a news segment on CNN (November 20, 2009), challenging the misleading claims about Darwin offered in Ray Comfort's "special introduction" to the Origin of Species. "It's something I would ... want my students to get hold off and tear apart," he told CNN — not literally, as the CNN reporter observed, but intellectually. "One of the most scurrilous things about this introduction is to imply that Darwin was a racist and a sexist, that he was responsible ... for the Nazi ideology that led to the Holocaust — this is absolute nonsense," he added.

Miller also prepared his own flyer debunking Comfort's introduction, available (PDF) on NCSE's Don't Diss Darwin website. A Supporter of NCSE, Miller is Professor of Biology at Brown University, coauthor (with Joseph Levine) of one of the most widely used high school biology textbooks in the country, and author of Finding Darwin's God (Cliff Street Books, 1999) and Only a Theory (Viking, 2009). He testified for the plaintiffs in Kitzmiller v. Dover, the 2005 case establishing the unconstitutionality of teaching "intelligent design" creationism.