GSA offers its voice for evolution again


The Geological Society of America reiterated its support for teaching evolution and deep time, and its opposition to teaching creationism, in the science classroom. In a July 2009 revision of its 2001 position statement on the teaching of evolution, the GSA wrote in part:

The Geological Society of America strongly supports teaching evolution and the directly related concept of deep time as part of science curricula. GSA opposes teaching creationism alongside evolution in any science classroom. The evolution of life on Earth stands as one of the central concepts of modern science. During the past two centuries, research in geology, paleontology, and biology has produced an increasingly detailed and consistent picture of how life on Earth has evolved.
The Geological Society of America, founded in 1888, is a scientific society with 21,500 members in more than 90 countries. Through its meetings, publications, and programs, GSA seeks to enhance the professional growth of its members and promote the geosciences in the service of humankind.