American Geophysical Union adds its voice for evolution



The American Geophysical Union reaffirmed its support for teaching evolution in December 2007, when it adopted a revised version of its Biological Evolution and the History of the Earth Are Foundations of Science statement. The statement begins, "AGU affirms the central importance of including scientific theories of Earth history and biological evolution in science education. Within the scientific community, the theory of biological evolution is not controversial, nor have 'alternative explanations' been found," and concludes by urging its members "to help the public better understand the scientific process, including biological evolution and the history of the Earth, as foundations of science."


The statement is the latest in a series of statements from the American Geophysical Union supporting the teaching of evolution, starting in 1981. With a worldwide membership of 50,000 researchers, teachers and students, the American Geophysical Union seeks to promote the scientific study of the earth and its environment in space and to disseminate the results to the public, promote cooperation among scientific organizations involved in geophysics and related disciplines, initiate and participate in geophysical research programs, and advance the various geophysical disciplines through scientific discussion, publication, and dissemination of information.