Union of Concerned Scientists adds its voice for evolution


On September 4, 2007, the Union of Concerned Scientists issued "Science, Evolution, and Intelligent Design," a statement expressing concern about "current attempts to mandate the teaching of 'intelligent design' and other non-scientific accounts of the origins of species and biological diversity in our nation’s science classrooms" and "the misleading interpretations of scientific principles being used to discredit and misrepresent the science of evolution," and calling for "the mobilization of scientists, teachers, policy makers, and concerned citizens to combat efforts to undermine science education and the integrity of science."

Together with the statement, the Union of Concerned Scientists provides a six-section primer "on the scientific theory, evolution, and intelligent design, along with discussions of why intelligent design is not science, why it should not be part of the science curriculum, and the broader implications anti-evolution efforts can have on society." The Union of Concerned Scientists is an independent, nonprofit alliance of more than 200,000 citizens and scientists, basing its research and outreach on rigorous scientific analysis and the maintenance of scientific integrity in decision making among the public and policy makers.