California Academy of Sciences adds its voice for evolution


In its new official statement on evolution, adopted on March 28, 2007, the California Academy of Sciences reaffirmed that "Evolution is a central concept in modern science, including biology, geology, and astronomy. The California Academy of Sciences, with its broad mission to explore, explain, and protect the natural world, recognizes that evolution is fundamental to understanding biological diversity and is a critical organizing principle for both scientific research and science museums." Commenting on evolution's place in the science classroom, the statement adds, "The California Academy of Sciences recognizes the importance of understanding evolution for both scientists and the public, and we emphasize that evolution belongs in school curricula and textbooks as one of the fundamental concepts of modern science."

The Academy's previous statement on evolution, adopted in 1994, similarly emphasized "the fundamental role that evolution plays in our understanding of humanity's place in nature" and "the central role that scientific principles must take in the teaching of evolutionary biology." According to its website, "the California Academy of Sciences is the oldest scientific institution in the [American] West. Over the past 154 years, the Academy has grown to become the fourth largest natural history museum in the country. Home to Steinhart Aquarium, Morrison Planetarium, and the Kimball Natural History Museum, as well as world class research and education departments, the Academy's mission is to explore, explain, and protect the natural world."