McComas wins Evolution Education Award



William F. McComas is the winner of the 2007 Evolution Education Award from the National Association of Biology Teachers, according to a press release issued on August 29, 2007, by the American Institute of Biological Sciences. The award, sponsored by AIBS and the Biological Sciences Curriculum Study, recognizes innovative classroom teaching and community education efforts to promote the accurate understanding of biological evolution.


"Only by recognizing and discussing the challenges of evolution instruction and by developing and sharing strategies for its solution can we hope to return evolution to its rightful place as the unifying concept of modern biology," McComas was quoted as saying in a press release issued on August 27, 2007, by the University of Arkansas, where he is the Parks Family Professor of Science Education in the College of Education and Health Professions.

McComas will receive the award, which includes a plaque and a prize of $1000, at the NABT national conference in Atlanta, Georgia, in November 2007, where he will deliver the inaugural Kendall/Hunt Lecture in Biology Education. A long-time member of NCSE, McComas is the author of numerous articles on science education and the editor of two books, the latest being Investigating Evolutionary Biology in the Laboratory (Kendall/Hunt 2006).