A Trip to the Anti-Museum


Kentucky Paleontological Society President Daniel Phelps has written a detailed review of his trip to the Answers in Genesis museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. In "The Anti-Museum: An overview and review of the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum," Phelps provides a richly-illustrated museum walkthrough and reflections from his opening week visit.

Notably, Phelps takes in the planetarium, about which comparitively little has been written. He concludes that it "could have passed for a good planetarium show" if not for the creationism shoehorned in. Phelps observes, "Several unusual claims were made, but not explored in much detail. It was almost as if they put together a good show and added weird stuff to please AIG's leaders."

Phelps notes that despite the museum's slick packaging, the dinosaur models are not constructed with an eye for accuracy. In the display of Adam naming the animals, for example, Phelps observes that the "display also included a really poorly reconstructed Iguanadon eating a cycad tree model. The artist must have read that Iguanadon had pebbly skin texture and gave him giant platy pebbles unlike what skin impressions really reveal about this dinosaur. The cycad plant is so bad that it looks like a giant pineapple."

Read the entire review here.

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