Tallahassee Scientific Society adds its voice for evolution


On June 4, 2007, the Tallahassee Scientific Society adopted a resolution (RTF) [Link broken] on the teaching of "intelligent design" as science, in response to the recently initiated review of Florida's state science standards. Noting the scientific community's consensus on the evidence for and the importance of evolution as well as the scientific and constitutional problems of "intelligent design" and its predecessor creation science, the resolution expresses the society's support for "the teaching of evolutionary theory as the only plausible scientific approach yet known to understanding the biological, chemical and physical underpinnings of how life developed and changed over time" and opposition to "any reference to ID in Florida science education textbooks or science classroom instruction as anything other than a theological concept worthy of study only in such courses as religion, philosophy or history." Established in 1989, the Tallahassee Scientific Society is a group of laypersons, scientists, engineers, and educators dedicated to increasing scientific literacy in the Big Bend area of Florida.