Alliance for Science essay contest winner


NCSE congratulates the winners of Alliance for Science's essay contest, announced on May 14, 2007. Alliance for Science -- a non-profit organization which seeks "to heighten public understanding and support for science and to preserve the distinctions between science and religion in the public sphere" -- invited high school students to answer the question, "Why would I want my doctor to have studied evolution?" "The essay contest is part of our effort to bring together scientists, teachers and supporters of science education with the many religious bodies that have found no conflict between religion and science," explained Irving W. Wainer, the chair of Alliance for Science. "Our goal is to reawaken America's love of science."

Alliance for Science received entries from students around the country. The winning entry was submitted by Gregory Simonian, a high school sophomore in Los Angeles; he received a year's subscription to Seed magazine as well as $300 as a prize, while his teacher Gloriana Chung received a variety of science education materials as well as $250 toward classroom supplies. Simonian's prize essay, as well as three other prize-winning essays from the contest, are now posted in PDF form at Alliance for Science's website. "I hope this contest has helped students see that evolutionary science is not a matter of personal philosophy or worldview," said Dick Lessard, the director of Alliance for Science's essay contest. "It's hard, evidence-based science that directly affects our lives individually, as well as having major implications for public policy."