NCSE's Scott on BBC World Service


NCSE's executive director Eugenie C. Scott was featured in a BBC World Service "Heart and Soul" program broadcast on March 25, 2007, the first of a two-segment feature on religious views regarding creationism and evolution. In her segment, Scott interviews atheist Richard Dawkins, non-theistic cosmologist Paul Davies, old-earth creationist Hugh Ross of Reasons to Believe, theistic evolutionist and Lutheran theologian Ted Peters from the Pacific School of Religion, and young-earth creationist Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis. In the second segment, Henry M. Morris III of the Institute for Creation Research will interview a different group of people, and meet with Scott on the edge of the Grand Canyon to discuss their experiences. Scott's segment will be available [Link broken] on the BBC's website until March 31, when Morris's segment will replace it; it is as yet unclear whether the segments will be permanently archived. [see here - Ed. Aug 2008]