Michigan science teachers reaffirm evolution


The Michigan Science Teachers Association adopted a new position statement (Word document) on the teaching of evolution and the nature of science. The statement concludes:

It is the position of the Michigan Science Teachers Association that evolutionary theory is an integral, validated and therefore essential component of modern scientific inquiry and should therefore be taught in a manner commensurate with this importance. Furthermore, it is the position of the MSTA that teachers should teach only evolutionary theory as a scientific explanation of the development and diversification of life on Earth. Evolution should be taught unaccompanied by non-scientific ideologies offered as "alternatives" to evolution. Teaching theological or philosophical explanations alongside or in place of evolution theory would not make the classroom presentation "fair or equal" but would result in the offering of false scientific alternatives to our students which would be a violation of academic honesty and our professional responsibilities as trustees of our student's academic development and science literacy.
MSTA previously adopted position statements opposing specific proposed antievolution legislation in Michigan, including HR 4946 and HR 5005 in 2003, and HR 5251 in 2005. MSTA seeks to stimulate support and provide leadership for the improvement of science education throughout Michigan.