Matzke profiled in the San Francisco Chronicle


A brief profile of NCSE's Nick Matzke appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle Magazine (January 7, 2007), under the title "Nick Matzke, in the evolutionist's corner, faces each new challenge the creationists bring." Sam Whiting of the Chronicle introduces the profile with, "There are no microscopes at the National Center for Science Education in Oakland. They don't look at the small picture. They are watching the big one -- the ongoing war between evolutionists and creationists." In the interview, Matzke discusses his own introduction to the creationism/evolution controversy (by way of "my dear grandmother"), his role at NCSE and at the Kitzmiller v. Dover trial ("I sat with the lawyers and whispered in their ear and gave them all sorts of advice"), and what's ahead, both for evolution education and his own career. Matzke also comments on the interview at the Panda's Thumb blog.