Creationism's historian in Salon


The historian of creationism Ronald L. Numbers was interviewed (free site pass required) by Salon (January 2, 2007). His interviewer, Steve Paulson, summarizes: "Numbers says much of what we think about anti-evolutionism is wrong. For one thing, it's hardly a monolithic movement. There are, in fact, fierce battles between creationists of different stripes. And the 'creation scientists' who believe in a literal reading of the Bible have, in turn, little in common with the leaders of intelligent design. Numbers also dismisses the whole idea of warfare between science and religion going back to the scientific revolution. He argues this is a modern myth that serves both Christian fundamentalists and secular scientists." Numbers is the author of the classic historical account The Creationists, recently reissued (Harvard University Press, 2006) with two new chapters (on creationism abroad and on "intelligent design").