Anticreationist legislation in Montana


House Joint Resolution 21, introduced by Representative Robin Hamilton (D-District 92) on January 26, 2007, in the Montana House of Representatives and referred to the Committee on Education, would, if enacted, express the Montana legislature's recognition of the importance of separation of church and state and support of the right of local school board trustees to adopt a science curriculum based on sound scientific principles. The resolution refers to "a number of national fundamentalist organizations seeking to force local schools to adopt a science curriculum that conforms to their particular religious beliefs and that includes theories commonly referred to as creationism, creation science, and intelligent design theory" and describes their efforts as undermining "a community's local control, a teacher's academic freedom, and a student's opportunity to receive quality science education" as well as the separation of church and state. A similar resolution, SJR 8, was introduced in the Montana Senate in 2005, but died in committee.