Honors for Forrest and Miller


"Today, scientists were told that an epic battle is raging -- and they must don their armor, head for the trenches and join the fight." Thus a report on Nature's newsblog from the annual meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology, where Barbara Forrest and Kenneth R. Miller were presented with Public Service Awards on December 10, 2006. The ASCB newsletter for July 2006 explained (PDF, p.18), "Miller was recognized for his outstanding dedication to, and defense of, science and science education against the threat of Intelligent Design. Forrest was selected for her dedication and tireless efforts to expose the motives behind the Intelligent Design movement. Both Forrest and Miller were also acknowledged for the critical roles they played in the landmark evolution case, Kitzmiller v. Dover."

Nature's blogger described the talks that Forrest and Miller gave: Forrest "talked about the links between the intelligent design movement and the extreme Christian right" and Miller offered "some practical advice about how to talk to regular people -- i.e. non-scientists -- about evolution and intelligent design." Nature's blogger added that Miller and Forrest "coached scientists to keep a positive, friendly attitude at all times -- or risk fulfilling the arrogant egghead stereotype that only fuels public distrust of science. For help on how to do this, scientists can turn to invaluable resources like the National Center for Science Education." Miller is a Supporter of NCSE and received its Friend of Darwin award in 2003; Forrest is a member of NCSE's board of directors and received a Friend of Darwin award in 1998.