Evolutionary Science and Society now freely available


Back in 2004, the American Institute of Biological Sciences and the Biological Sciences Curriculum Study organized a well-attended and well-received two-day symposium on evolutionary science and society at the annual meeting of the National Association of Biology Teachers. In 2005, the proceedings of the symposium were published as Evolutionary Science and Society: Educating a New Generation, edited by Joel Cracraft and Rodger W. Bybee. Now the proceedings are freely available on-line in PDF format. As Cracraft and Bybee remark in their conclusion, "While teaching evolutionary science, we should increase students' understanding of inquiry and the nature of science and present evolution with a contemporary societal perspective. This book provides science teachers with contemporary essays by leading scientists and appropriate resources by leading educators. All of this should help science teachers educate a new generation."

Topics discussed in Evolutionary Science and Society: Educating a New Generation include Introduction to Evolutionary Thinking, The Tree of Life, How Evolution Works, Evolutionary Science: Advancing Public Health, and Evolutionary Science: Advancing Societal Well-Being. Contributors include Robert T. Pennock, Kenneth R. Miller, Walter M. Fitch, Barbara Forrest, Brian Alters, W. Ford Doolittle, Joel Cracraft, William H. Kimbel, Michael J. Donoghue, Mark Terry, Lawrence C. Scharmann, Sam Donovan, Douglas J. Futuyma, Kerry L. Shaw, Tamra C. Mendelson, Gerald Borgia, Robert M. Zink, Peter M. Sheehan, John R. Jungck, Stacey Kiser, Ethel D. Stanley, David M. Hillis, Diane P. Genereux, Carl T. Bergstrom, Lynn Helena Caporale, Lori Zaikowski, Randolph M. Nesse, Betsy Ott, David P. Mindell, Paul Gepts, Norris Muth, Massimo Pigliucci, Jay B. Labov, Anatasia Thanukos, and Judy Scotchmoor.