PFAW offers resources to defend science education


People for the American Way recently unveiled its on-line toolkit for students and parents whose public school science curriculum is under attack. PFAW writes:

Is there an effort in your state, locality or neighborhood school to introduce creationism or sideline evolution in the science classroom? If so, this toolkit was made for you.

Unlike private schools, public schools are intended to provide an education to every child, regardless of religion or creed. You have a right to expect that religious activists will not be able to use public school curricula to promote the beliefs of particular religious traditions in ways that are unconstitutional and that undermine scientific education.

Activists are increasingly targeting science education with attempts to ban the teaching of the theory of evolution, or undermine that curricula by advancing religion in its place -- either explicitly or cloaked in the language of science.

Included in the toolkit are talking points for parents and students, basic information about evolution, creationism, and science education, and a timeline of antievolution activity in the United States.