Not out of the woods in Kansas


Writing in the Kansas City Star (August 21, 2006), Laura Scott urges Kansas voters to remain on guard even after the August 1, 2006, primary election. The results of the primary election practically guarantee a reversal of the state board of education's November 2005 decision to adopt a set of state science standards that was rewritten, under the guidance of local "intelligent design" activists, to impugn the scientific standing of evolution. She commends the efforts of such groups as Kansas Alliance for Education, Kansas Citizens for Science, Kansas Families United for Public Education, and the Mainstream Coalition, which, she says, "worked hard, raised a little money and got their message out." She added, "There's still time for voters to make the board's new moderate majority stronger still. Board members Ken Willard of Hutchinson and John Bacon of Olathe survived their GOP primaries. These two, as well as the moderate Republicans, face Democrats who are solid on science education in November." Beyond November, there is the 2008 election, in which four of the seats currently held by moderate members of the board may be challenged. Scott concludes her column with the thought, "Kansans who value a good, well-rounded education for their children have to be on guard for the long haul."