"Muddling science at parks and museums"


Challenges to evolution education occur in informal learning environments as well as the public schools, as "Muddling science at parks and museums," published in the August 2006 issue of Geotimes, reiterates:

As reported in the December 2005 Geotimes, some parks and museums have stepped up to the task to make evolution understandable, so as not to be confused with religious beliefs such as 'intelligent design,' which holds that the complexity of life is evidence that something intelligent must have designed it, and 'young-Earth creationism,' which holds that God created Earth and life about 6,000 years ago. Despite these efforts, however, science museums and parks across the United States are facing the challenge of educating what remains a largely confused public.
Among the problems discussed is the controversy due to the continued sale in the official Grand Canyon National Park bookstores of a young-earth creationist book expounding the flood geology account of the Grand Canyon's formation.