Kentucky Academy of Science denounces "intelligent design"


The Kentucky Academy of Science expressed its opposition to "attempts to equate 'scientific creationism' or 'intelligent design' with evolution as a scientific explanation of events" in a press release (see page 6) dated December 22, 2005. "Teaching faith-based models implies that these views are equivalent alternatives among scientists. These models mislead students as to what is considered the scientific method," the Academy wrote, adding, "The KAS fully respects the religious views of all persons but objects to attempts to require any religious teachings as science in public schools." The Academy's statement is timely: according to a story [Link broken] in the Kentucky Post (December 27, 2005), legislation allowing the teaching of "intelligent design" is likely to be introduced in the state legislature in the 2006 session. The Kentucky Academy of Science, founded in 1914, is an organization that encompasses all the accepted scientific fields. The 700-member-strong organization encourages scientific research, promotes the diffusion of scientific knowledge, and unifies the scientific interests of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.