NCSE's Scott to appear on Hardball


On April 21, 2005, NCSE executive director Eugenie C. Scott is scheduled to appear on MSNBC's Hardball show, hosted by Chris Matthews, to discuss the debate over evolution education, especially in Kansas. Also scheduled to appear is the Reverend Terry Fox, a Southern Baptist minister in Wichita, Kansas. Fox's views were discussed in a recent article in the Washington Post: "To fundamentalist Christians, Fox said, the fight to teach God's role in creation is becoming the essential front in America's culture war. The issue is on the agenda at every meeting of pastors he attends. If evolution's boosters can be forced to back down, he said, the Christian right's agenda will advance." To find a MSNBC station in your area, visit MSNBC's website and enter your zip code; consult the station's schedule to see when Hardball is broadcast.