NCSE Sued by Caldwell


Larry Caldwell, a parent in Roseville, California, has filed suit against Dr. Eugenie Scott, Executive Director of the National Center for Science Education, and the National Center for Science Education, Inc., alleging he was libeled by a recent article authored by Dr. Scott in California Wild magazine.

Dr. Scott's article discusses the events that led to the filing of another lawsuit by Mr. Caldwell in January 2005, against the Roseville school board. In that suit, Mr. Caldwell, an attorney, accuses school officials of rejecting his proposed "QSE" (Quality Science Education) Policy and related instructional materials -- which present "scientific weaknesses of evolution" -- without giving them meaningful consideration. Among other things, he complains that the biology textbook subsequently adopted by school officials was done without verifying whether the theory of evolution, as presented, is accurate.

NCSE believes the lawsuit against Dr. Scott has no merit.