Textbook disclaimer proposed in Shelby County


A member of the board of education of the Shelby County Schools has proposed a textbook disclaimer sticker for biology books used in the district. Shelby County surrounds the city of Memphis. According to news reports from the Associated Press and the Memphis Commercial Appeal, board member Wyatt Bunker made the suggestion at the February 15 board meeting. The proposed text of the sticker reads

''This textbook contains material on scientific theories about creation. There are many scientific and religious theories about the nature and diversity of living things. All theories should be approached with an open mind, studied carefully and critically considered.''

The school board reportedly deferred any action, with several members questioning whether a disclaimer was necessary and whether it might trigger an expensive court battle. Mr. Bunker was quoted by the Commercial Appeal as saying that he is "concerned that students are being taught only scientific theories such as evolution and the Big Bang." He also told the newspaper that "several board members have been dismayed that no state-approved texts teach the religious creationism approach along with scientific theories."