The Morphology of Steve


Project Steve -- NCSE's exercise in poking fun at the lists of "scientists who doubt evolution" promulgated by antievolutionist groups -- is not a mere publicity stunt any longer. With the publication of "The Morphology of Steve" in the prestigious journal Annals of Improbable Research, it is now a genuine contribution to scientific knowledge. Revealed for the first time in this paper is the existence of such phenomena as:
  • the mid-continental Steve deficit
  • the Steve counterexample to Bergman's Rule
  • island dwarfism in Steves
For details, see the paper (PDF) on-line at AIR's web site.

If you're not familiar with Project Steve already, or if you want to relive the memories, visit the Project Steve section of NCSE's web site.

And to celebrate the publication of "The Morphology of Steve," we are making available version 3.0 of our pioneering experimental Steveometry apparatus -- T-shirts, to you non-Steveometricians -- in the on-line NCSE store.