ASB adds its Voice for Evolution


NCSE is pleased to announce a further addition to Voices for Evolution: a statement from the Association of Southeastern Biologists, reading in part: "[S]ince neither creationism nor intelligent design is a scientific endeavor, we oppose any attempts to insert them into the science curricula of any public schools. While religion has played and continues to play a significant role in many people's lives, and in schools' curricula, we object to any attempts to insert religious dogma, such as creationism or intelligent design, into science classes. Furthermore, we strongly oppose attempts to undermine or compromise the teaching of evolution, whether by eliminating the word 'evolution' from state science standards, requiring textbook disclaimers that misleadingly describe evolution as 'merely' a theory, or by encouraging scientifically unwarranted criticism of evolution under the guise of 'analysis,' 'objectivity,' 'balance,' or 'teaching the controversy.' Such tactics are clearly intended to leave the false impression that evolution is scientifically precarious and will thus deprive students of a sound scientific education."

(For the full text of the statement, see Voices for Evolution. And be sure to visit the ASB web site.)