"Academic Freedom Act" goes to floor of Alabama state House


by Nick Matzke

On April 29, 2004, the Alabama state House Education Committee passed SB336 out of committee by a vote of 9-1, and placed it on the calendar for the full House. The bill, entitled the "Academic Freedom Act," aims to give public school teachers "the affirmative right and freedom to present scientific, historical, theoretical, or evidentiary information pertaining to alternative theories or points of view on the subject of origins." One of the sponsors of the House version of the bill, Rep. Jim Carns, was quoted in March as saying about the bill, "Evolution is one theory, creation is an alternative theory."

Regular legislative sessions contain no more than 30 legislative days within a 105-day calendar period. The 2004 Legislature's 28th day was May 5. The 105th calendar day is May 17.

The Alabama Citizens for Science Education website has legal and educational analyses of SB336.