Brian Alters Wins Highest Teaching Award at McGill

NCSE member Brian Alters, associate professor of education at McGill University, was awarded the 2003 Principal's Prize for Excellence in Teaching at McGill University. This university-wide award follows Alters's receipt in May 2003 of the College of Education's highest teaching award, the Distinguished Teaching Award.
Heather Munroe-Blum, the Principal (President) of McGill University, said about Alters, "[his] dramatic illustrations in the classroom never fail to enthrall his audience. This is especially important given that the demonstrated science principles in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education influence students who themselves are evolving into teachers. His contributions are outstanding as a 'teacher of teachers'."
Alters is the author (with wife Sandra Alters) of Defending Evolution in the Classroom, a book on teaching evolution, published by Jones and Bartlett. Congratulations!