School Board May Change Evolution Policy

On August 26 the school board of Washakie County School District #1, in Worland, Wyoming, voted to consider changing the district's policy on teaching biology. According to an Associated Press news report the proposed change reads: "It shall be the policy ... when teaching Darwin's theory of evolution that it is only a theory and not a fact. Teachers shall be allowed in a neutral and objective manner to introduce all scientific theories of origin and the students may be allowed to discuss all aspects of controversy surrounding the lack of scientific evidence in support of the theory of evolution."

Reportedly, more than 100 people attended the board meeting in a city with a total population of about 5,000. At the same meeting the board also proposed changing the district's policy on sex education to require a curriculum "based on abstinence only". The district's Policy Committee will now consider the two new policies. The school board must "read" policy changes three times to approve them.