New Science Standards Adopted

On August 28 the New Mexico State Board of Education (SBE) voted 13-0 to adopt the final draft of new science standards without any modifications. Opponents of evolution had campaigned for changes in wording which would have implictly cast doubt on the position of evolutionary theory in science and especially on the concept of "macroevolution". The group Intelligent Design Network - New Mexico was prominent among those seeking changes in the treatment of evolution. The SBE did not accept any of their proposals.

The draft of the new standards had been praised by Dr. Larry Lerner as "one of the finest I have read in the course of six years of reviewing state science standards. It is clear, knowledgeable, superbly organized, and well integrated... They compare well with, and in some ways surpass, the very best standards adopted to date." Dr. Lerner is a nationally recognized expert on science standards who has written three reports on this subject for the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation.

NCSE congratulates all those in New Mexico who worked long and hard to produce their new science standards.