Another "False or Fraudulent Information" Bill

SB1125 was introduced in the state Senate on April 29 and referred to the Committee on Senate and Governmental Affairs. This bill is very similar to HB1782 which was tabled in the House of Representatives on April 30. The Senate committee has taken no action to date on SB1125. Supporters of evolution education are concerned about the potential implications of the provision in this and similar bills making it illegal to "knowingly and intentionally print or cause to be printed or distribute or cause to be distributed any material that contains information which is illegal, false, or fraudulent." Evolution opponents often use similar rhetoric.

The digest of SB1125, available on the legislature's website, summarizes it as follows: Proposed law prohibits any branch, department, agency, official, employee, or other entity of state government or of any political subdivision from knowingly and intentionally printing or distributing material that contains information that is illegal, false, or fraudulent. Specifies that "distribute" also includes delivery or conveyance of information by mail, electronic mail, or publication by print or internet or website posting. Provides that any administrative head or any employee acting without the authorization of his administrative superior shall be personally liable for the costs of the printing or distribution of any material in violation of proposed law. Any public funds expended for such printing or distribution may be recovered by the state or political subdivision in a civil action instituted by any taxpayer, the attorney general, or the district attorney of the parish in which the violation occurred.