Potential anti-evolution legislation in Louisiana

The Louisiana House of Representatives is considering a bill, HB 1782, that "prohibits any branch, department, agency, official, employee, or other entity of state government or of any political subdivision from knowingly printing or distributing material that contains information that is false or fraudulent."

A bill defeated in Arkansas in 2001, HB 2548, contained similar language, but went further by listing many standard creationist claims. Well-known creationist Kent Hovind testified as an “expert” for that bill, and it was noted that the bill contained claims listed in a notorious anti-evolution comic book by Jack Chick.

The proposed Louisiana bill contains none of the specifics of the Arkansas legislation. For the complete text of the bill, see: http://www.legis.state.la.us/, and search for HB 1782 in the 2003 Regular Session.