Kansas Anti-Evolution Bill Pronounced Dead in the Water

An anti-evolution bill introduced into the Kansas Senate by the Senate Education Committee is unlikely to proceed further, according to newspaper reports.

SB 168, introduced at the behest of Senator Larry Salmans (R-Hanston), does not mention “evolution” or “creation science," but instead would require schools to “encourage the presentation of scientific evidence supporting the origins of life and its diversity, objectively and without religious, naturalistic or philosophical bias or assumption.” Seasoned observers recognize this language as similar to that used by anti-evolutionists nationwide either to discourage the teaching of evolution or introduce so-called alternatives such as “scientific creationism” or “intelligent design.” But the Senate Education Committee was unaware of the antievolution implications of the bill. Chairman Dwayne Umbarger (R-Thayer) commented, "It mentioned nothing about the origin of life ... Not until later in the evening did I realize I'd been handed a hot potato."

But the bill is apparently not going to go to the Senate: "We're not going to have time to have hearings," Umbarger explained. The Lawence Journal-World reported him as saying that "the bill already was dead in the water."

See the Lawrence Journal-World article for more information.