NCSE Board Member to be New Museum Head

Dr. Elizabeth Stage, a member of the NCSE Board of Directors, has been appointed Director of the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley, California. Currently the Director of Mathematics and Science Professional Development, Educational Outreach, University of California Office of the President, she is responsible for grants to higher education campuses throughout the state. She has worked to develop state and national standards and assessments; conducted research, program evaluation, and curriculum development at the Lawrence Hall of Science and UC Berkeley; and has taught at the middle school and graduate levels. Throughout these activities, she has been guided by a vision of high quality mathematics and science education for all students.

She has served as Executive Director of the California Science Project, has chaired the California Curriculum Commission, and was Director of Critique and Consensus for the National Science Education Standards. The UC Berkeley press release noted that “Elizabeth has been an extraordinary leader, mentor, and educator for her colleagues in OP, on the campuses, and in K-12. Throughout her career, she has contributed to the quality of teacher development and student learning in a variety of capacities.... She has worked tirelessly and effectively in the state and national policy and professional communities and been a powerful and enduring voice for equity throughout her distinguished career.”

We all wish Dr. Stage much success in her new endeavor.