School District Rejects Books Which Discuss Evolution

On June 17 the Board of the Annville-Cleona School District voted to reject proposed 7th and 8th grade reading course textbooks. According to news reports in the Lebanon Daily News and Harrisburg Patriot-News board members objected to some of the topics presented, including evolution and "radical environmentalism". One board member was quoted as opposing one book "because it does include evolution stated as fact... We get nothing on the opposing view." Objections were also raised to stories stating that the universe is billions of years old and mentioning the "Big Bang" theory of the beginning of the universe. In addition, the Patriot-News reported that board member Kathy Horst "suggested that creationism is an issue the Pennsylvania School Board Association should consider for its legislative platform. 'I want to see that the theory of intelligent design be taught in our classrooms, as well as evolution,' Horst said."