Natural History Features Pro-ID Statements and Rebuttals

The web site of, described as a “non-commercial, educational web site created and managed by BioScience Productions, Inc. to promote bioscience literacy,” features an excerpt from the April 2, 2002, issue of Natural History. (Updated October 13, 2004: is now an education resource of the American Institute of Biological Sciences and no longer associated with BioScience Productions, Inc.)

The posting consists of brief position statements by three leading proponents of intelligent design (ID), and three accompanying rebuttals.

Followers of the creationism/evolution controversy should recognize the names. On the ID side are Michael Behe, William Dembski, and Jonathan Wells, all three Senior Fellows at the Discovery Institute’s Center for Renewal of Science and Culture. Offering the responses are Kenneth R. Miller, Robert Pennock, and Eugenie C. Scott. Finally, Barbara Forrest describes the “Wedge” strategy.