Ohio Group Announces Support for Science

On February 7th, 2002 a group of Ohio citizens held a press conference at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History to announce the formation of Ohio Citizens for Science (OCS). The group represents parents, citizens, scientists and clergy from all over the state of Ohio concerned with maintaining quality science education in the state's public schools.

The group announced its opposition to creationist attempts to bring "intelligent design" theory (ID) into the newly drafted, but yet to be approved, statewide science standards. Controversy erupted in December over the new standards when several Ohio State Board of Education members expressed dissatisfaction with the prominence of evolution and the lack of what they called "alternative theories."

OCS stated both short and long term goals for "supporting the integrity of public school science standards and promoting contact with working scientists." The short term goals include defending the current draft of the new standards from political attacks mounted by creationists inside the state and a handful infiltrating from Kansas. In that state a short term success led to the defeat of creationism supporting board members in the following election cycle, resulting in a more moderate board.

OCS offers speakers free of charge to students and community groups to speak about the role of evolutionary theory in science. The group will also promote student contact with scientists through visits to secondary schools and, in turn, student visits to universities, businesses, laboratories and other sites of scientific activity.

OCS can be visited on the web at Ohio Citizens for Science.